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it's just porn, mommy!

I guess this close up on my belt makes clear what it is all about! The first Lesbian-Trans* Porn Comedy with all a great mix of Berlin, Paris and West Coast porn stars is in the movie theaters from March 8th! Couldn't be a better date, right? At any case: test your limits and see for yourself if you make it until the end.. ;-) watch the trailer on



3D Tears

I think this was the smallest studio I had to act in, and certainly the biggest camera I ever saw - with multi-lenses directed on my eyes, and a crew waiting for me to cry on demand. The idea is so simple, so pure and so true: men so rarely cry in front of a camera, that the talented director Giuseppe Vaccaro  invited 13 actors, all men, to cry. And that in 3D... rebellious hair have all been waxed, shadows erased, so that the pure taers could explose the screen... A touching project - noone left that set without any tears - challenging each of us, to give an authentic insight into what pure emotion is.



Mommy goes Berlinale

This is official! Mommy is coming, the latest Film of Cheryl Dunye, is to premiere next February 9-19th at the A Film festival in Berlin! Yay!!!

I actually must have the only role who does not fuck in that movie... of course: I play the club owner, hehehe... not the biggest, but certainly the most interesting part to check what everybody was doing ;-) We all can't wait for the Berlinale to see you laugh and sparkle - or simply hate it, depending on how much you can handle, Darlings!!!




After a week of screenings, my Jury in charge of the Feature Films gives the prizes to Man at Bath (Christophe Honoré) and Madame X (Lucky Kuswandi).

Here are the Statements of the Jury: Man at bath: Man at Bath is a beautiful, daring and provocative look at a seemingly simple situation: The breakup of a gay couple. Director Honoré manages to take us on a tour de force into the days after the end of a love. The films' fragmented style, switching back and forth in genre, form and place is a brilliant analogy for the fractured state of its protagonists. Eventually, Man at Bath is a complex and smart interrogation of what it means to see and what it means to be seen, a film about invisibility and overexposure, a statement on sex and intimacy and how it is so often confused in a gay male subculture.

Madame X: Madame X took us on a truly cinematic adventure into a hilarious utopia between comic style, glamour and trash. Director Lucky Kuswandi tackles the big issues of homophia, transphobia, oppressive political regimes and lets its superhero, a transgender hairdresser in rural Indonesia eventually dance it away. The Jury would like to honour the filmmakers for their courage to tell a difficult story in a funny and empowering way, for their strong political statement and for their social consciousness to bring more peace to the world.

I leave the town with the nicest memory: an encounter with Pyuupiru, the Japanese artist I discovered together with the Tel Aviv TLVFestival Director Yair Hochner at the Asian Hot Shots Film festival in Berlin l last year in a great documentary about her life... beautiful private moments between english and japanese words to exchange about our lives...



Aidan & Captain Océan's Hot Shoot on the Spree..

Aidan, in sailor's outfit, on his four, swaps the deck of the boat. Standing about a metre away from him,the captain supervises his work.  He holds a flogger in his hand, starring at Aidan's butt.

CAPTAIN (angry) So you think you're doing a proper job here?

And that is only the beginning of a guite hot scene where Kay actually brought the boat to GLITTER in the sun. I can't wait to see Aidan & Gilbert on screen!! A deep friendship story about 2 boys, while they accompany each other throughout the ups and downs of their testosterone-injected second adolescence between relationships, polyamoury, night life, dates, art, jobs, sex and the fun and trouble those things cause!

Aidan & Gilbert  - director Sean Moxie



20 pages for a gender switch

You know why I like Siegessäule from now on? Auf der Seite 31 bin ich von Gina Tonic als Künstlerin erwähnt!!!!!!!!! Didn't know myself about my last sex change, that are indeed breaking news ;-D und dann, 51 Seiten weiter, diesmal mit richtigem Gender in der Klatschkolumne. Thanks, Karin Schupp! The other way round wouldnt have been so queer!



Berlinale 2009: screenings, parties, shows - Teddies!

Fucking Different Tel Aviv couldn't have a best international Premiere than the Berlinale! But for the first time I was not only enjoying the Berlinale as the lead actor of "Désarmés" (November Wanderin, 2008), missing my partner Ofer Regirer.. but also as the host of the VIP Lounge of the Teddy Awards Party... and as a performer to present my dear colleagues of the Squeeze Box Band - the queerest Rock Band of the world, on that night on stage with Peaches and the most gorgeous Joey Arias. They ROCKED us queeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!! Océan & November Wanderin

Teddy Awards

Teddy Party Flyer



Bayangkan hiduplo... @ Q! Indonesia ;-)

Guess where to What a Welcome

What a welcome. It remembered me of Zurich Airport, warmly welcoming the French - for whatever reason -.. it is the first time in the tour the first words I read are: DEATH PENALTY. I have to think about the questionnaire I had to complete before entering the Indonesian territory: are you carrying film material? are you importing pornographic items to the country? Well. Is a stuffer pornographic? A dildo? A harnass? Is a multimedia show burnt on DVD a film? Shall I cross yes or no? I let you guess :-) at any case: I managed to get in easier than in Israel!!

Jakarta is a HUGE traffic jam in a pre-national-day fever... I thought I knew what it means to drive like mad after my experience in Sri Lanka, but there is obviously always a possibility for improvement on this earth.. :-) It is stricly speaking possible to go by foot, but practically impossible. At any case: any transportation from A to B necessitates half an hour at least, wherever you go, better: one hour. For sure if I write a song on Jakarta, it will be about the traffic...

Jakarta Skyline

Street Vendors Actually, no! it will be about the LADIES'FLOOR of the fully booked hotel. I tried to explain to the receptionnist that it might be quite a hassle to have a room on a floor where no man is allowed, with a female security guard taking care of any unwelcomed visitor with a beard and an obviously masculine outfit - there is no other possibility for me than to ask for a specific escort to go to my room on the 15th floor. Every night!!! The Ladies' Floor :-) Do I look like a Lady? The security Guard decides than NO, pretty much like everybody here adressing me as a man, if I wear a beard or none - this is not a relevant indicator any more here. Or not a sufficient one ;-)


Tea or Coffee

But still, quite a lot of participants have been enrolling for the king's workshop. Concentrated faces. Humourous questions. Excellent mood. Serious work. Guys, you really made my eve on that day!

Workshop participants

preparing the materials

Amaury trying to open a glue bottle

beard technique

true guy

en avoir ou pas

Before leaving for Bali and more fun, more screenings, more parties, a huge party has been organized to close the Java part of the Q! Festival... I was too glad to make the first Drag King Show on the Island that evening, in the most beautiful location on the Beach, the Segara... before we all drunk too much of that interesting cocktail and went crazy on the dance floor under the fireworks, the moon... and the fog.

Segara pelouse

Segara screen

First King Show

First King Show

Bali team @ kudos_3



Première of "Désarmés" in Tel'Aviv

Première of "Désarmés" at the Cinémathèque in Tel'Aviv Première of "Désarmés" at the Cinémathèque in Tel'Aviv

Read the full article also here:

"Fucking Different Tel'Aviv", the third of the serie "Fucking Different" after Berlin and New York has been released and screened for the Opening of the Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival on June 23rd... In "Désarmés - Surrender" (November Wanderin, 2008), the secretive and melancholic French dancer Daniel is invited to perform at the Israeli Modern Dance Company, directed by the choregrapher Avi, even more famous for his numerous sex encounters in Tel'Aviv.. I won't tell more :-) but for sure it is a fucking different gay short!

Happy and honored to perform for the opening in front of all the Festival Guests from all over the world, and quite a lot of acquaintances here, and even dear friends after a couple of stays there... The backstage of the Cinemathèque is quite simple.... it is just behind the screen, and it is... transparent! Nobody can see me, but I see the audience in front of me. Thrilling feeling of being invisible before getting very visible on stage! By 40° C my gaffer bands melt and I have to scratch them off my skin not to feel too awkward. It is quite historic for me, as I never show my chest, but - at the end, I decide for transgender pride!

Thanks tranny-bros for your great support and your commitment during the Festival. Yes, we are all beautiful! :-)



Shalom, Tel'Aviv! אוסיו

Actually I was only there to shoot that beautiful film about a French dancer falling in love with an awesome Israeli choregrapher, and wanted to have a break after the shoot...  jump into the Dead Sea and discover Jerusalem... but then it took me ages to have the show translated in hebrew and write it down on the rolls for the Homophobia multimedia song ;-)

So I had plenty of time to get more into the town and learn to love it more than I had thought first. And first experience as  fully socialized as a gay guy. Gosh, the boys are really hot over there..

Ok it took some time to understand where the shows where, at all - but as I promised to come back in June, I will work some more on my hebrew!

At any case: I loved the name of the locations... Evita, Femme Fatale, and then No Limit! it could not fit better to me ;-)



Closing Zinegoak08: the wings of cinema...

Could there be a more beautiful name for a film festival? :-) Bilbao looks like my native town. Here the cathedral is white, there black, but the streets of the old neighboodhood are so similar I could mistaken and feel I am in France and not in Spain.

It is nice here, 19°C, sun and fountains, I'm so much travelling these days I can't even remember if we have spring or winter. It changes every months, the seasons have been accelerating like mad, I am now on my way for years already?

Again that feeling of urgency invades me. I would love to take all these impressions with me, back to Berlin, pack them in texts and notes, and sing and slam and play them soon...

The honour to perform for the Fiesta de Clausura is bound to a great challenge. How do I make it with 2 stages, one is 1.80m high and I must jump!?! The wall is black, the projection too dark, the subtitles won't show up, and there is no light?!? the DVD players are not linked to the speakers, and the DJ can't see me?!? An equation which will teach me. It is never about the technique, it is about the energy on stage... and this, I could give more than enough ;-) But indeed, chicos, sois fantasticos. Muchas gracias a Serafin, Pati y Xavier, los mas rapidos technicos que nunca he visto durante el tour!!



Performing at the Roze Dagen in Amsterdam...

That was an exceptional show. No, no, not on stage, but all around the show!!

Because for the first time my brother was there, he who usually composes the music, he who never ever saw me on stage!!!!!!!!! A luxury to have him at the technique :-) following my voice every second, regulating the volume of the music perfectly all along the show, so enhancing the mise en scène of the concept.. and because it was his birthday!!!

Because it was the final party of the Roze Dagen Film Festival, where the screenings of Risk, Stretch or Die were hopelessly sold out, and so it was at the Hot Pepper Club too..

.. and because I met wonderful people, talking suddenly so personaly to me, thanking me for the inspiration to find themselves even more motivation to go on stage again, or to live even more between the genders. Amsterdam, your questions were the toughest ever at the Q&As, but your answers were the nicest to me. Thanks and see you soon - maybe already this summer!!



Lost in Generation DVD Release Party!!!

WHAT A NIGHT!!! :-) producer Kristian petersen and all film crews of all 3 films are here to celebrate the DVD release of Lost in Generation... And because I am playing the butch they are looking for in "Cherchez la butch", I'm here to perform too - first time ever with an head set mic system which has been marvellously functionning thanks the help of Ingo, and of course the technique decided during the show that without Ingo it was definitely not worth it ;-)

Anyway the whole film crew had still lots of fun at the Schwuz' L-Tunes party before finishing the night at the Porn Film Festival Lounge im L.U.X... after all there is some sex in the film too... right? and even more: fun fun fun!!!



Travelqueeries at Barbie Deinhoff

I like the Barbie Deinhoff, even if it has been changing and pretty much accused of gentrification since Lena left. But well - it is a place which reminds me of plenty of past shows and parties and beautiful, colourful moments shared with trans family and friends,  a place where the first scene of the documentary has been shot, so somehow, I will like it forever...

Tonight, for the first time, I will show the most personal performance I ever conceived for the stage, I called it Torn, it is about the struggle between the genders... it is about travelling inbetween, so it was made for the travelqueeries party - a film shot by Eliatt Graney-Saucke.