2015, Giuseppe Vaccaro, Germany

Have you seen many men crying? In front of a camera maybe even less. And in 3D certainly never ever before. So you’d better check when this film of Giuseppe Vaccaro is premiering. Stay tuned!



2014, Silvia Chiogna, Germany

In the documentary “Mirco”, the director Silvia Chiogna follows a group of German queers who oppose society’s gender segregation and preconceived gender rules dictated by the type of genitals one has. We meet people whose binary gender perceptions do not tolerate labels and who fight for the idea of a fluid gender. “Mirco” illustrates in a tongue-in-cheek way, the heteronormative fear of the unfamiliar, and why it is important to fight for a diverse world.

Nomination for best Documentary
achtung berlin - new berlin film award
15th - 22th April 2015

Best Foreign Film
Can [be] Gay: International Filmfestival LGBTIQ / Documentary
22nd - 31st January 2015
Canary Islands


Mommy is Coming

2012, Cheryl Dunye, USA/Germany

Pioneer filmmaker Cheryl Dunye returns with a sassy, raunchy, romantic sex comedy set in the edgy underground of Berlin where love and taboo affairs collide! Cute power femme Dylan (Lil Harlow) and studly hotel clerk Claudia (the sexy Papi Coxxx) are suffering from monogamous relationship blues. Hellbent to Claudia sets out on a gender-bending roller coaster-now as Claude-through a subversive Berlin sex club while her lover has threesomes with her best friend Teo (played by the incomparable Jiz Lee.) Everything comes to a climax when Dylan's mother (world-renown sex educator Maggie Tapert) arrives in town hellbent on releasing some tension. Fun, provocative and interwoven with personal interviews, Mommy Is Coming is filled with sheer delight - in more ways than one!


Fucking Different Tel’Aviv / “Désarmés"

2009, November Wanderin, Germany/Israel

In “Désarmés – Surrender”, the secretive and melancholic French dancer Daniel is invited to perform with the Modern Dance Company in Tel Aviv, directed by the choregrapher Avi, a local gay matador… Check the trailer, have a look at the stills here in the sub-menu or get even more information on the Fucking Different website!


Risk, Stretch, or Die

2007, Saskia Heyden, Germany

“French Drag King Océan LeRoy has been a celebrity in Berlin’s transgender scene for years. Famous for his performances of quick transition from woman to man, Océan also lives the contradiction in real life: seductive Drag Star at night, smart businesswoman during the day…
But who is the person behind these roles? And what is truly performance and what reality?
For almost a year filmmaker Saskia Heyden took up the search.
In gently captured filmic moments unfolds an exceptionally versatile personality. Through the close cooperation between protagonist and filmmaker the “Risk, Stretch, or Die” lets us participate in a very private world. Deeply moving in instants of intimacy, Océan LeRoy always stays ambiguous: between day and night, woman and man, openness and mystery”.
Click here in the sub-menu to watch the trailer, look at the stills or listen to the Director’s interview on the International Movie Magazine on KUSF radio in San Francisco!


Lost in Generation / “Cherchez la Butch”

2006, Martina Minette Dreier, Germany

3 women, 3 generations, 3 films – each of the protagonists is confronted with the confusions and motivations of her own age group. “Cherchez la Butch” (Martina Minette Dreier & Heidi Kull) shows a 40 year old lesbian who is looking for the woman of her life. In her imagination love must be just like in the movies. And so – for the benefit of her romantic pipe dream – she blends out reality.
Available at GMfilms. Detailed Information at The Internet Movie Database


Kings & Disasters

2004, Antonia Baehr/Werner Hirsch, Germany 

Step by step, a one-dollar mexican melodrama will be completely re-made, but this time exclusively with a drag king casting, combining elegance and masculinity.