After a debut as performer at the Go Drag! Festival, Océan became internationally known for his multimedia performances involving videos, live singing and poetry slam - from Berlin to New York, Jakarta or Vancouver. Nominated as ‘most influential personality’ at the Mix! Film Festival in Brazil, winner of the Kings Village Contest in Italy and the Trav’Academy in France, Océan was featured in various magazines like Têtu, Les Inrockuptibles, or ‘art as one of the revelations of the Dockville Festival for “consciously taking the in-between position, as man and woman, musician and performer, artist and dancer”. The documentary “Risk, Stretch or Die” about his life between genders has been screened in film festivals around the world. Océan also acts in a couple of films in various male or female characters, incl. “Lost in Generations”, “Fucking Different” or “Mommy is coming”, all screened at the Berlinale.



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