Do you feel this urgency to extend your comfort zone? 
Then go on, take the risk to streTch yourself, blow up the normative frames, go beyond social borders.. – because we should have the right to live the way we want to define ourselves. Going on stage as a man, as a woman and everything in-between is to promote this freedom and make the transgender being more visible in this world. Going on stage is a political commitment. Going on stage is entertainment. Enjoy and shine your own light!

LIFE SQUARED: Océan is back on stage to open the Festival du Théâtre Francophone @ ACUD Theater / November 2019

LIFE SQUARED: Océan is back on stage to open the Festival du Théâtre Francophone @ ACUD Theater / November 2019


A seul/e-en-scène in English (with French accent and GERMAN subtitles)

Première: November 15th, 2019 @ Festival du Théâtre Francophone, ACUD

Is there anything about ourselves we can really trust? Life SQUARED is a story of why we should challenge the things we seem certain of - our own physicality, time, space, and possibly love - without losing sight of what matters most. To ask: who are we, but more importantly, why do we care? What are we doing in life to make sense of it all? Is it all in vain? What happens once we’ve lost all illusions? Can we square it all before we die?

This one-person show is a patchwork of different forms and modes: monologue and standup, media art and poetry slam, the serious and the silly, shifting between these in the blink of an eye and without any fear of contradiction. After all, every moment can reveal an illusion - especially on stage.


Concept/ Performance: Océan leRoy

Mise en Scène/Direction: Adam Ludwig, Josep Caballero García

Scripted Content: Océan LeRoy, Adam Ludwig

Video Content: Océan LeRoy

Music/Sound concept: Jeanphy

Photography: Jubal Battisti

Rolling credits of T/HE/Y at the HAU theater in Berlin - a piece of Josep Caballero Garcìa with Black Cracker and Océan LeRoy.


Josep Caballero García with Océan LeRoy AND BLACK CRACKER


In his works, the Spanish dancer and choreographer Josep Caballero García, who has performed in German dance theater for Pina Bausch and Urs Dietrich amongst others, is constantly searching for a way to deal with gender issues through the medium of dance.

In his new piece he examines masculinity as a physical performativity of daily life and as a non-biological category. García invites music artist Black Cracker, who has won various awards for his unconventional lyrics, and highly acclaimed multimedia performance artist Océan LeRoy – both famous figures of the Berlin underground scene – to join him in the project.

Together they explore their individual performance practices on stage as a male identified trio. Based on the non-normative masculinities that all three are living, the group has come to call itself T/HE/Y – the pronoun commonly used in queer environments to name people in a gender-neutral way, beyond man/woman dichotomies.

Throughout the piece, they are mutually adopting each other’s movement material and physical practices and exposing masculinity as a performative work and physical effort. Masculinity is thus explored beyond the attributions of identity as a relational movement practice of tensions between three bodies, that allows for the multiplication of maleness between gender discourses, pop and dance theater.

Choreography/concept: Josep Caballero García

Performance: Josep Caballero García, Océan LeRoy, Black Cracker

Dramaturgy: Margarita Tsomou

Sound: Alexandre Maurer

Lighting/Technical direction: Milos Vujkovic

Costumes: Lydia Sonderegger

Mentoring: Prof. Dr. Claudia Jeschke

Production dramaturgy: Mira Moschallski


A coproduction with Hebbel am Ufer HAU (Berlin) and Kampnagel Hamburg.

Funded by Kulturbehörde Hamburg and Fonds Darstellende Künste.

Media partner: Et Alors?

Photography: Jubal Battisti




June 23-26th, HAU, Berlin


April 30th 2015, 19:00, HAU3, Berlin.

May 2nd & 3rd 2015, 20:00, HAU3, Berlin.

May 20th/21st/22nd/23rd 2015, 21:00, Kampnagel, Hamburg



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