That was an exceptional show. No, no, not on stage, but all around the show!!

Because for the first time my brother was there, he who usually composes the music, he who never ever saw me on stage!!!!!!!!! A luxury to have him at the technique :-) following my voice every second, regulating the volume of the music perfectly all along the show, so enhancing the mise en scène of the concept.. and because it was his birthday!!!

Because it was the final party of the Roze Dagen Film Festival, where the screenings of Risk, Stretch or Die were hopelessly sold out, and so it was at the Hot Pepper Club too..

.. and because I met wonderful people, talking suddenly so personaly to me, thanking me for the inspiration to find themselves even more motivation to go on stage again, or to live even more between the genders. Amsterdam, your questions were the toughest ever at the Q&As, but your answers were the nicest to me. Thanks and see you soon - maybe already this summer!!