Could there be a more beautiful name for a film festival? :-) Bilbao looks like my native town. Here the cathedral is white, there black, but the streets of the old neighboodhood are so similar I could mistaken and feel I am in France and not in Spain.

It is nice here, 19°C, sun and fountains, I'm so much travelling these days I can't even remember if we have spring or winter. It changes every months, the seasons have been accelerating like mad, I am now on my way for years already?

Again that feeling of urgency invades me. I would love to take all these impressions with me, back to Berlin, pack them in texts and notes, and sing and slam and play them soon...

The honour to perform for the Fiesta de Clausura is bound to a great challenge. How do I make it with 2 stages, one is 1.80m high and I must jump!?! The wall is black, the projection too dark, the subtitles won't show up, and there is no light?!? the DVD players are not linked to the speakers, and the DJ can't see me?!? An equation which will teach me. It is never about the technique, it is about the energy on stage... and this, I could give more than enough ;-) But indeed, chicos, sois fantasticos. Muchas gracias a Serafin, Pati y Xavier, los mas rapidos technicos que nunca he visto durante el tour!!