Guess where to What a Welcome

What a welcome. It remembered me of Zurich Airport, warmly welcoming the French - for whatever reason -.. it is the first time in the tour the first words I read are: DEATH PENALTY. I have to think about the questionnaire I had to complete before entering the Indonesian territory: are you carrying film material? are you importing pornographic items to the country? Well. Is a stuffer pornographic? A dildo? A harnass? Is a multimedia show burnt on DVD a film? Shall I cross yes or no? I let you guess :-) at any case: I managed to get in easier than in Israel!!

Jakarta is a HUGE traffic jam in a pre-national-day fever... I thought I knew what it means to drive like mad after my experience in Sri Lanka, but there is obviously always a possibility for improvement on this earth.. :-) It is stricly speaking possible to go by foot, but practically impossible. At any case: any transportation from A to B necessitates half an hour at least, wherever you go, better: one hour. For sure if I write a song on Jakarta, it will be about the traffic...

Jakarta Skyline

Street Vendors Actually, no! it will be about the LADIES'FLOOR of the fully booked hotel. I tried to explain to the receptionnist that it might be quite a hassle to have a room on a floor where no man is allowed, with a female security guard taking care of any unwelcomed visitor with a beard and an obviously masculine outfit - there is no other possibility for me than to ask for a specific escort to go to my room on the 15th floor. Every night!!! The Ladies' Floor :-) Do I look like a Lady? The security Guard decides than NO, pretty much like everybody here adressing me as a man, if I wear a beard or none - this is not a relevant indicator any more here. Or not a sufficient one ;-)


Tea or Coffee

But still, quite a lot of participants have been enrolling for the king's workshop. Concentrated faces. Humourous questions. Excellent mood. Serious work. Guys, you really made my eve on that day!

Workshop participants

preparing the materials

Amaury trying to open a glue bottle

beard technique

true guy

en avoir ou pas

Before leaving for Bali and more fun, more screenings, more parties, a huge party has been organized to close the Java part of the Q! Festival... I was too glad to make the first Drag King Show on the Island that evening, in the most beautiful location on the Beach, the Segara... before we all drunk too much of that interesting cocktail and went crazy on the dance floor under the fireworks, the moon... and the fog.

Segara pelouse

Segara screen

First King Show

First King Show

Bali team @ kudos_3