Touring with Madonna Yeah, indeed!!! The Queen of Pop is touring parallely on the East Coast.. On October 11th I'm also in a Square Garden... performing in Le Petit Versailles, a beautiful little garden of East Village, managed by the lovely Peter and Jack. And it is sold out too ;-)

It felt like a poetic end summer night dream..

Screen garden

The Boston Theater is quite full on Tuesday night - the press has been largely covering the event and the audience is extremely receptive, in excellent mood, warmly welcoming.... First time ever starting with a full show before a screening. And the Q&As were certainly quite challenging without the filmmaker by my side this time!

Boston Press

But the best moments of New York and Boston were above all, to spend time with dear friends, or recognize in the audience a Berliner friend just before going on stage, or being embraced from another one who just moved to Boston and came after: he had received the mail of... my first stage partner!!!

The world is so small. especially when you notice your New Yorker freinds are friend with the friend of the friend who attended the show by surprise...

Lost in relations ;-)