Again a great place to come full circle on earth: Columbus! Trip back home, as the International Drag King Extravaganza was born here 10 years ago. Well, it is my last but not least last station on the globe, and I like it to be called Colombus, even if I don't feel like Christopher at all... The peaks of the trip? :-)

Youngest Drag King by Tania A. ... meet the youngest Drag King on earth!!!

Océan, Kyrahm and Julius by Tania A.

... build a european combo with my dearest italian friends Julius & Kyrahm!

Without Homophobia by Tania A.

... give an european/french political dimension to the american way of show business!!!

Catwalk by Tania A.

... learn to be a top model under the professional guidance of Kyrahm!

Backstage girls

... share my backstage with the beautiful bellydancers, just for them to change after the opening of the show... well, they accepted me only if I would behave properly as a brave boy in the corner of the room... ;-)

... and being freed to go, I could explode even more  on stage :-)

IDKE's, see you all again in Tucson next year!