Crisscrossing Night. Photo: Tania A. Yeah, in 2008, I have indeed come full circle, and back in drag to see what´s on the slab... was ready to make it here, in Berlin, for one first and last time, and one time only, in the place that started it all. Six years crisscrossing borders, five continents, 24 frames per second and a couple of broken hearts later, including mine, back at the Schwuz in Berlin to pack it all into one evening only!

A show to break the surface and fathom the depths of Océan.... Beyond every horizon, the ebb and flow between the poles. Creation and destruction. Serenity and ferociousness. Male and female. Fluidity embodied. Abandon all borders, you who enter, and be ready to be swept away... Refuse to be contained. Stretch your comfort zone!

All the acts which had travelled around the globe with me plus all roles, all characters, all genders, all the best in a flamboyant CrissCrossing night with family & friends, and YEAH they were nearly all here at the Schwuz, came from Brussels, Hanover, London, Paris, Sao Paolo, for one night or one week. Oh gosh guys you made my day, well my night, so thank you so much for that celebration over the all borders!

Amaury came to help me remember these moments... Thank you so much, amor! ;-)

Getting ready... for the first show above one full hour! Backstage by Amaury Grisel

Makeup by Amaury Grisel

Shaving by Amaury Grisel First part was all about love...

Groom by Amaury Grisel

.. premiering "Slow" on my skin...

... the second part was completely between the genders...

Homme by Amaury Grisel

Cendrillon by Amaury Grisel

Dure Limite by Amaury Grisel

Dolce Vita by Amaury Grisel

... and the third part was going far beyond the borders!

King and Gay by Amaury Grisel

Homophobia by Amaury Grisel

... nearly burnt the Schwuz down with La Bombe Humaine...

Bombe 2 by Amaury Grisel

Bombe 3 by Amaury Grisel

... to complete the show by fucking lookism!!!!!!!!!

Trav' Look by Amaury Grisel

Just the Way I am by Amaury Grisel

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