A friend told me I looked like a mega trav' with that dress. No wonder i could win the Trav'Academy on December 28th in my childhood town Nice ;-) Actually, I was simply on holiday with no intention except doing nothing... didn't even know about clubs there until I met Emmanuel (who gave me the flyer...) and Jean-Baptiste...He said the Klub was THE club to go, the biggest gay venue on the Côte d'azur. And there was this drag contest coming up (actually, drag queen contest as I am not so sure they saw many kings before last night...). And the fact is I broke my rib by helping somebody on the train a couple of days ago... And the person I trust most keeps telling me the stage is always healing me. So I decided to go. To heal, of course. I always forget everything on stage. Pain, doubt, tireness, tensions, the stage is the place to be... indeed I had no choice, right?

I decided to improvise Femme like You with a minimum of accessoires and bought the rest in a rush hour, and finally convinced the Jury and the audience, first puzzled about who the f* I could be, a man or a woman, I heard it was the question of the night!

The very best was as the Ex of Jean Baptiste asked me: but how could you win if you're not even in drag? :-)  Guys, I tell you, I have to work on my passing to allow more trans*visibility..

But the most important was to meet LaBlack, Emmanuel at the technique, Moussette, Ilona, Arnaud et Karim qui en a même décidé de tourner gay... hmm..

Alors comme j'ai gagné entre autres un week-end à Nice, je reviendrais y remettre le feu cet été!

BONNE ET HEUREUSE ANNÉE À TOUS!!!! les chiffres de 2009 semblent dejá très érotiques non...? ;-9

Champagne Gai