Studio Manager Leo welcomes me, pointing out that the calendar today is dedicated to the ocean - a good sign for a successful class today, he says with his charming smile. Well, the class today will be quite a challenge for all of us, as Brad is pushing us back to our childhood when we had a vision of what we would like to be. Every actor in the room will be improvising from that starting point: "as I was a child, I wanted to be...." Hardly any of us will leave the class today without having left a drop of body liquid. Well, at least a tear or some sweat. It is an incredible excitement to go back to these very moments of innocence and purity, when you are genuinely yourself, into yourself, with yourself and your intimate dreams, your envision of what life, your life could be, and not wasted by the views of parents or society, not shaken by doubts, not crushed by deceptions, not poised from ambition, vanity or the illusions of fame. Not an easy exercise to take that back on stage in front of a professional, however supporting audience. But a great one. A great first class announcing a series of new practices and techniques to be more fluid through different shells, still strongly anchored in the character you are incarnating. Great stuff, as Brad would keep repeating. Yeah, great stuff!