Today starts the Drag King photo exhibition curated by Eyes Wild Drag in Firenze, Italy. In the portraits and photos around the world, you will find many of the most extraordinary drag king artists' faces and performances, from USA to Australia, from Italy to Russia. Large format prints of one Debra's Kate (USA) and Tania A. (Canada) photos of Océan LeRoy will be on view at the "Azione Gay e Lesbica" from December 4th-5th in conjunction with the "OUT OF GENDER" Drag King workshop and at the DRAG MADONNA party at FLOG from Tuesday, December 7th. Other photographers exhibiting their work: Alison Bennett (Australia), Angela Potenza (Italy), Claudia Papini (Italy), Eva Mueller (Germany/USA), Hélöise LeChat(Belgium/Italy), Rivkah Hetherington (UK/Italy). Ciao!