After the fantastic party with the girls last Saturday at the Gloria Club, I could not leave Saõ Paulo without checking out the boys.. :-)

The club is so OFF that the driver can not find it at once... I wonder why the club is so famous and said to be the most incredible transgender club on earth??? The Maîtresse de Maison, a very tall, slim, blonde Queen, is welcoming me warmly and shows me all around the place. Everything is true, there are little swimming pools and sauna places like séparées, misleading dark corridors, columns and stairs, I think this must be the cousin club of the Schwuz in Berlin - underground style.. I feel home.

The boys fraction of the filmmakers from the MIX Festival, from Buenos Aires, Los Angeles or Hamburg, are all here in the first row to support me and I see them glowing of joy and excitement. The screen is much too far away from me, i can not interact as I ususally do, but it seems nobody cares: I am the first Drag King ever to perform in Loca, they say, and again I must see the boys puzzled and hardly believing I can change so quickly... some of them will come to me after the show to touch my beard or even my chest (no, not more than that ;-) making me through this simple gesture simply and naturally one of them.

Garotos! Pomba! muito obrigado..