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International Drag King Extravaganza @ Vancouver

"Je chante.... dans le port de Vancouver..." I heard as a kid on the french radio Véronique Sanson singing that refrain so often that as I heard Risk, Stretch or Die was taken on in the Media &Arts Programme at IDKE9 PLUS the Dure Limite video clip as a performance at the Showcase: I HAD TO GO OVER THERE!!!


Tonight is the Showcase evening, a packed movie theater for a show of the superlatives: great performers from so many countries... Ireland, Australia, the States, Canada... we all rock the place, acrobats, multimedia performances, theater,... I only wonder how I could eventually be the only live performer?! But boy, what a show. The most professional I ever experienced certainely, the most demanding, and the nicest by far...

Thanks Tania for all the shots of the whole week-end that you shared with us all:

Tania A. on

The photographer Lary Campbell I met by chance on the bus 2 days ago is there too and makes one of the nicest pics! He says: "Océan - on the picture, your body replaces the word "man".  Fun, huh?" Thanks, Lary!

But the nicest, most pleasant moments are not to be shared here... or maybe a glimpse just to give you an idea of how it feels to meet brothers and sisters, get the warm feeling to be part of a welcoming community dedicated to define a new masculinity, with tenderness, openess and respect, far beyond the mere artistic creativity...

At any case: the sweetest hosts ever were Ed and Missy, thanks you from the heart for being so welcoming and so kind to me!

DRAGDOM / FRIDAY NIGHT The Penthouse Midnight Club is a... what do they call it... a gogo dancer club? a table dance club? whatever... I loved it at once :-)

The backstage upstairs is freeeeezing, and most of the time completely deserted from all performers... who of course don't want to miss the show hosted by Malaika Millions and Heywood!

Gosh, the audience is so excited and in a good mood... what a feeling to be challenged to bring them even further.. I was so happy as a nice couple from North Vancouver came to me and said: "you are bringing a new dimension here, because you are actually not only a drag king, we understood you as a man and a woman, we sincerely felt with you and in your body the real struggle between the genders".