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Aidan & Captain Océan's Hot Shoot on the Spree..

Aidan, in sailor's outfit, on his four, swaps the deck of the boat. Standing about a metre away from him,the captain supervises his work.  He holds a flogger in his hand, starring at Aidan's butt.

CAPTAIN (angry) So you think you're doing a proper job here?

And that is only the beginning of a guite hot scene where Kay actually brought the boat to GLITTER in the sun. I can't wait to see Aidan & Gilbert on screen!! A deep friendship story about 2 boys, while they accompany each other throughout the ups and downs of their testosterone-injected second adolescence between relationships, polyamoury, night life, dates, art, jobs, sex and the fun and trouble those things cause!

Aidan & Gilbert  - director Sean Moxie