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Shalom, Tel'Aviv! אוסיו

Actually I was only there to shoot that beautiful film about a French dancer falling in love with an awesome Israeli choregrapher, and wanted to have a break after the shoot...  jump into the Dead Sea and discover Jerusalem... but then it took me ages to have the show translated in hebrew and write it down on the rolls for the Homophobia multimedia song ;-)

So I had plenty of time to get more into the town and learn to love it more than I had thought first. And first experience as  fully socialized as a gay guy. Gosh, the boys are really hot over there..

Ok it took some time to understand where the shows where, at all - but as I promised to come back in June, I will work some more on my hebrew!

At any case: I loved the name of the locations... Evita, Femme Fatale, and then No Limit! it could not fit better to me ;-)