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Sad erotics, guilty pleasures at StudioxX

It took quite a while to paint the whole translation of the new song "Slow" on my body. Minette did it very thoroughly, we occupied the bathroom for quite a while. Of course everybody wanted to pee at that very moment!!

The perfomance in 3 parts has been conceived only for this exhibition of Minette... A girl went straight to Lena after the show and asked her: "Is it a boy or a girl?" I could hear her question, so I stopped her in the corridor and said: I'm both, somehow.. She looked irritated, and for a little while, following her eyes looking for a more obvious gender sign on my body, I thought she might grab my torso or even between my legs, like the other person with the same question last year in Hannover... but she left, looking at me increduleously a last time before shouting the door.

ThanXXX Debra to shoot these precious moments... incl. best time ever in the bathroom to erase all these sad erotic words from my body with no guilty pleasure!!