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Kings Contest at the Gay Village in Rome

On stage at Kings Village Dure Limite Rome

on stage at Kings Village 1

The story is: I did not want to go to Rome. I did not like the idea of a Contest at all!! Then Ivan (the Terrible, he earns his name..) and Julius were talking to me, convincing me it would be a lot of fun on stage. And it was!! All the performers from Peru, Mexico, through the States, till all the way to Belgium, France and Germany, had a hard job  and loads of joy to impress the professional Jury made of film makers, script writers, actors, singers and journalists... They themselves had a hard job to nominate the 3 best performances of the evening achieving the first KINGS Village event.. I was very honoured to win the first Prize, grazie, Roma!

All contest artists

Premio at the Contest

Could this have been a best birthday present? Because the most exceptional event will have been the presence of my father and mother and teacher Diane Torr, on the exact day of my artistic birth 6 years ago. Yeah! I had to celebrate this by offering her an hommage performance :-)


Performing "Homophobia" @ Gay Village

I still have in my nose the smell of the pine trees and in my hear the uninterrupted song of the crickets invading the open air backstage... the beautiful garden of Julius' place... I felt really like home in Roma, thanks to my bothers there who opened their home so lovely to me.

The most moving thing was to feel being understood in a deeper way than usual, too, and the way the italian groups I saw there or even already in Berlin is near to my understanding of performances and "mise en scène", as we say in French. I could relate well to the esthetics and the dramatics, probably the French are nearer to the Italians than both are ready to admit.. ;-)  I became a fan of Eyes wild drag.. Julius & Kyrahm... see you soon, dears.

bianco spruzzy senith océan diane

Eyes Wild Drag

Julius Kaiser

Eyes Wild Drag

Have a look for a 5-minute report on TV on this exceptionnal event on Donna TV!


Or listen to the interviews of King Alberto from London and myself on deegay radio!