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Première of "Désarmés" in Tel'Aviv

Première of "Désarmés" at the Cinémathèque in Tel'Aviv Première of "Désarmés" at the Cinémathèque in Tel'Aviv

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"Fucking Different Tel'Aviv", the third of the serie "Fucking Different" after Berlin and New York has been released and screened for the Opening of the Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival on June 23rd... In "Désarmés - Surrender" (November Wanderin, 2008), the secretive and melancholic French dancer Daniel is invited to perform at the Israeli Modern Dance Company, directed by the choregrapher Avi, even more famous for his numerous sex encounters in Tel'Aviv.. I won't tell more :-) but for sure it is a fucking different gay short!

Happy and honored to perform for the opening in front of all the Festival Guests from all over the world, and quite a lot of acquaintances here, and even dear friends after a couple of stays there... The backstage of the Cinemathèque is quite simple.... it is just behind the screen, and it is... transparent! Nobody can see me, but I see the audience in front of me. Thrilling feeling of being invisible before getting very visible on stage! By 40° C my gaffer bands melt and I have to scratch them off my skin not to feel too awkward. It is quite historic for me, as I never show my chest, but - at the end, I decide for transgender pride!

Thanks tranny-bros for your great support and your commitment during the Festival. Yes, we are all beautiful! :-)