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ILGA Trans*rights Conference in Malta

It started quite harsh. What do you think of this welcome board at the airport??? That is quite something I would say...

Especially as the frame for the ILGA Trans*Rights conference held on Wed. October, 28th in Malta. Their poster look much better, look...:

Trans*rights Malta

After the arrival at the quite impressive location of the Centre for Creativity of St James Cavalier, dedicated to contemporary arts, it all went so fast: 4 hours sound check with my great technician Katya, one hour show in front of the ILGA delegates, a nice cruise through the beautiful harbours of Malta, and a roof-top tour around this beautiful island. I promised to come back, and I will..

St james cavalier

Valleta Center


Mdina skyline

and then, on my way back to the airport, I see the campaign billboarded by ILGA all around the island... yeah, this gives a realy good balance to my first impression! A city built by gentlemen for gentlemen loving gentlemen, ahaha ;-)

Different families same love